Sensei Francois has been teaching the morning classes for senior membres since the early 1980s. His classes are challenging both for the body and the mind and extremely enjoyable.

In addition to his karate, he is president of Trans Rex and is committed to his piano playing.

More recently, Angelo Massotti has been contributing his expertise at this early hour. Thank you to all the morning sempai's who have taught classes when needed!


Sensei Melarie is a karate and health enthusiast. She has a B.Sc. from Concordia and an M.Sc. from McGill, but left academics in favor of her true passion: karate.

She began karate with Sensei Francois in 1975 at Concordia University and has been teaching there since 1988. A graduate of the New York instructor course, she travelled regularly to the USA. Melary has been VP for the JKA SKD Canada for several years.  


Sensei Nick is a physicist/engineer from Russia currently working at the University of Montreal. He also started a karate club in Antarctica when he wintered over in 1999.

Nick teaches two classes at YMHA dojo. He welcomes all injured returning and recovering karatekas to enjoy his scientific interpretation of karate.


Charles Boco has started in 1988, he attained Shodan at age 11. After a brief decade in the military and Concordia University, he graduated in Industrial Engineering. He is currently employed at Volvo and working on electric buses.

He teaches Sunday classes at YMHA dojo. 

Previous Instructors