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Nadia is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Concordia University. Her research deals with identifying the mechanisms that regulate teaching and learning practices within institutions and understanding how they influence the development of students' thought processes.

She practiced karate in Argentina for many years, and has been a part of our club since 2008.


Among Joanne's interests are karate, dogs and painting. She has two mini schnauzers and spends her free time training in her at-home dojo and painting portraits of the beloved pets of her friends.


Originally from the Philippines, Joshua has been interested in the martials arts ever since he was born. He was part of our club for over ten years. He was a pioneer in the LSCDN dojo and enrolled in the first classes in January 1988. He was the first to achieve Shodan and Nidan there.


Erin is also a pioneer with 10 years of experince at the LSCDN dojo, and was instrumental in launching this website.

She has studied fine arts and family medicine and is specializing in Medicine Sports.